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This site is intended to enable you to print and archive your twitter. You can print or archive all the tweets of yourself, your friend or all the tweets with a hashtag in it. This way you can print or archive the tweets of your twitter acount which form a diary. The design of this site is made by portretschilder Bianca Berends.
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This services has been discontinued due to changes in twitters authentication methods. It has been fun while it lasted we hope you enjoyed the tool. You might want to try this service: as an alternative.

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As a courtesy to the designer of this site please visit the website of portretschilder Bianca Berends. Or visit the Gantt Chart tool Tom'splanner. Event planning and scheduling at it's best. Great Alternative to MS Project and Excel. Create Gantt charts with drag 'n drop simplicity and publich your gannt charts online or use one of the templates.

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We hope you were able to print your tweets and twitter statuses. The idea for this site is form portretschilder Bianca Berends. To enable you to print your twitter and tweets the tool is built by the creators of the

Gantt Chart software

Tom'splanner. A Gant chart tool that enables you to create project schedules, project timelines and project planning with a great ease of use. Ideal

alternative to Excel or MS project

Project scheduling, Event planning and Project timelines form easy to use templates and Gannt charts.